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Orgie is a reaction on the densification of cities worldwide. The design introduces the Hyper Active Urbanite as the forgotten target group of our current and future city centres. The HAU is young, single, ambitious and prefers city centres for a working and living environment. The design is part of our social structures study and won 1st prize in FAR_8 competition in Shanghai.

Dutch news item on Recycled island. August 2010

From all over the world there is a large interest in the project Recycled island. The proposal to create a new habitat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, from plastic pollution. Ramon Knoester, the architect of Recycled island, is interviewed in various radio and TV-programs.

Video of the Dutch  TV-news about  Recycled island. radioNZ.mp3 MP3 of the radio broadcast.

Recycled island radio interview. August 2010

Interview by Simon Morton and Richard Scott of This Way Up, Radio New Zealand National.

Recycled island ON AIR, August 2010

Ramon Knoester was a quest in the Dutch TV show ON AIR.

Video of ON AIR with Ramon Knoester as one of the quests..

View the project description in a YouTube Movie.

Prototype Recycled island in One minute news. April 2011

Video presentation Villa BH. July 2011

A summer day at the villa.

Web link to page of  One minute news.

Video presentation of Recycled island online.

October 2011


Video presentation of Recycled Island CP online.

November 2012


Video teaser of Recycled Park.

September 2015